Why OasisWorks


The OasisWorks team of engineers, designers, product managers, and support engineers build a shared mission statement into our products: “Technology must be predictable, accessible, and deliver measurable value to our customers.”

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” - Albert Einstein


A collection of integrated micro-services leveraging proven webscale technologies that are deployed as containers. SCAIL Stack runs in a Kubernetes environment and allows customers to pick and choose the services they need based on their specific operational requirements and deployment environments.


Simple one time configuration changes or large scale configurations that need to change on-demand.


Fully integrated pipeline for custom built images with version controlled repository.

Device Management

If SCAIL can “talk” to a server, IoT a sensor, a satellite gateway, or any other type of endpoint, SCAIL can manage the endpoint.

Stats, Events and Alarms

Reflect the quality and performance of the blueprints while they are being installed and later, in operation.

API Gateway

A single common API with full sub-system access so external systems and users can get work done.

Identity & Access Management

The SCAIL Framework provides both a comprehensive identity and access management solution and support for role based access control (RBAC) within each tenant.


Perform one action on one server or multiple actions across your entire footprint.


A full detailed account of all activities is available for troubleshooting and rules or standards compliance.


Simplifying and visualizing massive amounts of contextual data requires a fundamental shift in visualization technology.  Leveraging concepts used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and first-person gaming, SCAIL UI provides an immersive multi-dimensional experience that anchors the user in a specific context and overlays the tools needed for their specific job function or organizational boundary.


The SCAIL API delivers a single point of entry to all OasisWorks products and SCAIL Stack services. This both simplifies managing the system programmatically and delivers great power. As an example, complicated queries can be issued and comprehensive results quickly returned.  For example, “Find all of HPE servers that are running at less than 40% CPU, have a GPU installed, are running Ubuntu 18.04, and are not part of a cluster.”