When Complexity is Removed, Predictability Is Realized

Fully abstracted hardware & software blueprints via the API and/or UI.

Backoffice Integrations

Onboard, deploy and synchronize deployments

ServiceNow, Infoblox, Ansible, MS Excel

Hardware Infrastructure

Composable hardware and software puts you in control of the outcomes
Servers - HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, SuperMicro
Acceleration - NVIDIA (GPU) , Intel (NIC & FPGA)
Storage - Portworx, VMWare vSAN, Pure Storage

OS, Containers, Hypervisors

Broad support for application environments

CentOS, Ubuntu, ESXi, RHEL, SUSE, Debian
VMware, Rancher, Anthos, Tanzu, OpenShift

Networking Configurations, Hardware Profiles, BIOS Settings

Automate the specifics and achieve a consistent, repeatable, specialized blueprint