Days, Weeks, or Months Down to Minutes

Use an API call or a few mouse clicks to invoke a blueprint and install a bundle of software (from a bare metal or hypervisor installation up to applications) on one server or hundreds. Or more.

End-to-end Workflows

Model driven workflow system with pre-commit validation and roll back functions

Build the workflow from our catalog and / or integrate your existing automation

Server Hardware

Industry leading server vendor & models supported

HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, SuperMicro


Vendor-specific updates/upgrades

All in one tool, keep your hardware up to date and compliant

Hypervisors & Container Environments

Virtualization options for legacy and new applications

VMware, Rancher, Anthos, Tanzu, OpenShift

Hardware Acceleration

Decide for yourself and your application - GPU, DPU, FPGA


Operating Systems

Wide support for contemporary operating systems

CentOS, Ubuntu, ESXi, RHEL, SUSE, Debian

Integrated & Networked Storage

Support for attached storage

Portworx, VMWare vSAN, Pure Storage