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Immersive Experiences with Distributed Automation

OasisWorks offers a distributed automation framework providing life cycle management of integrated hardware and software solutions available through an immersive user experience.

Distributed Automation
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Integrated Microservices


The OasisWorks distributed automation framework is an open, fully integrated, reference framework for Stats, Configuration, Automation, Identity and Logging known as SCAIL Stack. This stack provides a smart-API and endpoint adapters for a wide variety of use cases controlling infrastructure, private and public cloud services and applications.

SCAIL Framework






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Immersive Experience
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The User Experience

SCAIL User Interface

Our SCAIL User Interface and SDK provide a visualization framework with a rich set of view, screen, component and interaction mechanics that are pre-integrated with SCAIL Stack's smart-API.

Cradle to Grave
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Life Cycles

OasisWorks provides a comprehensive set of Lifecycle Modules that may be used separately or collectively to create pre-deployment designs, simulate designs in production, and create artifacts for the installation, configuration, validation and operation of combined hardware and software endpoints.

Life Cycle
Case Studies
Use Case Main
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Use Cases

Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions

Use Cases are a combination of Lifecycle Modules, Endpoint Adapters and Web UI workflows built using our SCAIL Stack and Stratem Design System. Whether it is automating the beginning of a life cycle using Design, managing new or already deployed assets using Operate, or delivering the full life cycle, SCAIL and Stratem have been leveraged to deliver solutions in the following spaces:

Use Case Satellite
Config • Operate
Use Case Edge Case Computing
Edge Computing
Design • Bundle • Install • Config • Validate • Operate
Use Case IOT
Internet of Things
Design • Simulate • Install • Config • Validate • Operate
Use Case Enterprise IT
Enterprise IT
Build • Bundle • Install • Config • Operate
Use Case Networking
Design • Install • Config • Operate
Use Case 4G/5G Mobility
4G/5G Mobility
Design • Install • Config • Validate • Operate
Packaged Solutions
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Ways to Consume

Tailored Solutions

OasisWorks software is available to Technology Providers, Channel Partners and Enterprise Customers as one or more licensable Life Cycle Modules.

Self Consumption
Self Consumption
Standard Framework
Onboarded Use Case
Onboarded Use Case
Customer use case implemented by OasisWorks on a standard framework
Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions
Customer use case implemented by OasisWorks with framework customization
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