Delivering Application

specific clouds

OasisWorks provides all the tools necessary to build and operate Application Specific Clouds for enterprises and service providers.

Compose, deploy and operate your application specific clouds in minutes.

What are Application Specific Clouds?

An application specific cloud is specific combinations of IaaS and PaaS technologies deployed at the right locations which maximize the cost, scale, performance and efficiency of the application.  

Application Specific Clouds are necessary to support the scale and complexity of high value workloads (5G/AI/ML), the move to Kubernetes and edge computing.

Use Oasisworks to...


Custom Acceleration


Deploy IaaS at 500 edge sites in 24 hours

Migrate from OpenStack to Kubernetes

Run multiple Kubernetes distributions

Enable AI/ML applications at your retail locations

Deploy and maintain 5G networks

Offer AI & ML “as a service”

* RBAC & Tenancy

Start your evolution

OasisWorks makes application deployment efficient, predictable, and repeatable.



Using the OasisWorks’ API or UI, our customers log in and find the global resources required to support their application specific cloud blueprints.



Your application specific cloud is deployed in a matter of minutes in your datacenter, the edge, or on a customer premise.



Determine how well the application specific clouds are running, stay in compliance, and track service level agreements.

A public cloud experience for your Application Specific Clouds.

Through your individualized web portal or common API, OasisWorks products are used to find the resources, deploy the blueprints and assess the value of your Application Specific Clouds.

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